Understand your environment


The new brand Sensorfy focuses on sensor products that combine convenience with high-quality, contemporary design for the mobile generation. It combines stand-alone products with clear and simple operations, rather than complicated home installations. Hygro is a connected temperature, humidity & air quality sensor that’s Wifi-enabled for indoor and outdoor use.



A beautifully designed waterproof sensor with analog “display” made from aluminum. It has multiple mounting options, a “stand,” magnet, nail and leather case. A modern-looking thermometer that fits anywhere in or around your home. If the familiar instrument isn’t in your line of sight, just open the app.

Hygro tracks temperature, air quality and humidity to improve your home atmosphere. Get the current temperature in your backyard and integrate with online weather data. It takes humidity and hyper local differences into account.

Get a beautiful overview of your home’s environment on your phone. The app gives advice on how to improve your air quality. Instantly syncs with all phones and tablets of family members. Protect the people and things you care about.

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