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Why we founded colorfy

We wanted to help companies ideate and understand product strategy and business models.


We solely focused on IoT (hardware) products in the humble beginnings, but we have evolved into a one-stop-shop for complex ecoystems over the years. We believe the best thing that we can do is to be a partner – not an agency. For us, this means to be accountable for bringing something meaningful into the market. May this be an eco-system-driven product, service, or platform – something people will cherish and want to keep using.


Over the years, we refined our product development framework – a data and research-driven approach that iteratively takes an idea to a launch-ready product.


One of the first things we try to do with our clients is to figure out objectives and the desired outcomes: from both a business and end-user standpoint. In this process, we want to help navigate the critical question: Is this needed at all? How is this different from what’s already out there?


Beyond our beliefs in the circular economy, we have certain opinions on approaching complex products, platforms, or services. Focus your offering on doing one thing better than anybody else versus doing many things just okay. By choosing the first option, you are way more likely to have a much happier customer, and we have a delighted client and users a better product experience. That will ultimately be the key driver for the bottom line success of a project.


What we believe is noteworthy is the fact that all the leadership team gets to be hands-on doing work and helping figure out a strategy or running a project. We get to work closely with our clients on a day-to-day basis and bring things to life together – we feel and act as if we are one team. That’s why we are very selective, and we only take on businesses and groups we believe in.


For this reason, we formed an exceptional engagement model – this is important to know before you want to engage. It follows a few basic principles.

“Colorfy offers a very strategic, incredible fast way to deliver a complete experience. You not only get hands-on practitioners (to complement your team) who design and concept with you, they actually build and operate the product.”
  • *Eric Plam, GM Skyroam



For this reason, we formed an exceptional engagement model – this is important to know before you want to engage. It follows a few basic principles.



Specially dedicated team


In the beginning we trust smaller, interdisciplinary, and fully dedicated teams on projects. We firmly believe, that the best (digital) products are created by hands-on, multidisciplinary teams with experience crafting products and deploying at scale. The same core team that begins an engagement will finish it. If required we add Ressources over time.


Build the right IT!


For most projects, we complete an entire design sprint and prototype early. We do this to enable clients to begin validating strategic assumptions and ideas well before actual development. We believe the premise is the mother of all fuck ups. Therefore we constantly run validation tests on all our hypotheses.


Clear objectives combined with ambitious KPIs


Our product strategists help create category-leading digital experiences by clarifying goals and driving consensus around a focused set of metrics in the desired timeframe—this better than the waterfall plan.


Design with a capital D


Meaningful digital products combine by definition strategy, design, and technology. The balancing of the different stakeholders is a significant building block in our process.


Operations and Continuous Optimization


The majority of our revenue comes from years-long relationships with clients who rely on us not only building but operating and continuously improving their products. We partner with them to create long-term roadmaps while extending and optimizing their (digital) platforms and ecosystems.