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ventures for the
circular economy

Our planet – as well as society – needs us to build it today. We’re investing as active venture partners with those who are creating for the circular economy.

Colorfy Y is where we create our own ventures. Our capabilities include finding opportunities, shaping them into solutions that customers love and operationalizing the business. This often has led to us providing funding, design and development, along with building the team to run the operations. 


In the last two years, we’ve brought two ventures to market. We plan to continue that pace, but with a new twist. Going forward the Circular Economy will take on a greater role, as we feel a responsibility to have a positive impact on the environment and we believe this is a strong business model for the future. In particular, we will be pursuing opportunities to reduce plastic waste and e-waste.

Our ventures have provided a springboard for our team members to co-found and start their very own journey into entrepreneurship. For partners, it has provided an opportunity to collaborate on a deeper level. 

We would love to talk with you, if you or your business has an idea for a new venture and you would be interested in understanding what it means to partner with us. Or, if you want to join us and help to shape a new venture, you will have the opportunity to be involved from the start.

Transparency for your energy consumption.


Iometer is a device and connected app to read your meter and visualize the energy used. The simple device is easily installed onto your meter and connects with our intuitive app. It will track usage over time and help identify the biggest culprits in your home, whether it be something such as your heating or cooling or your standby consumption. It helps consumers understand how to save energy and money. By utilizing large sets of hardware agnostic data, we create actionable insights and value both for household customers and electricity providers.

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A new way to tip

replacing cash tipping

uptip was born on the road, somewhere between San Francisco and Berlin. We as co founders, like many travelers, were perplexed trying to navigate the choppy waters of cash tipping. Restaurant tipping is pretty easy – if you have a credit card, a pen and a sober brain. But to do cash tipping appropriately, there has to be a pretty amazing synchronization of factors that include timing, currency and denomination. 


And in the post-COVID 19 world, who wants to handle filthy, germ-infested cash? Let’s face it, our friends who work the front line in travel, hospitality, cafes, personal care and other service, have challenging jobs. They depend on tips for their livelihood. We thought of a much better way to handle tips and think you’ll love it! We’re putting all the bits and bytes (and bugs) together now.”. Watch this space! 

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