Colorfy In Talks

Our endlessly updating Google calendars notwithstanding, there’s nothing like a tech show to vivify the number of people we come into contact with every year. The nature of our work means we’re constantly meeting different industry peers to discuss ideas and potential projects. Those people span the globe, however, and one of our only chances to meet again is when events like MWC bring us descending upon same city.

Our booth in Barcelona was a beehive of partners old and new. Collaborators and colleagues appeared in a steady stream over the four-day show to catch up with our men on the ground. It was a bonus benefit of exhibiting that we reveled in, most of us rather enjoying this side of our work.

As mentioned in our show roundup, the co-star of our premier stage was one of our closest partners, Skyroam. We took the opportunity to sit down with Eric Plam, their international VP and general manager, for a quick chat. He, like us, found the showcased developments in connectivity to be the most exciting thing at MWC this year.

In the interview Eric heralds the asset of specialization that comes with having offices and partners in different parts of the world. “We wanted the design to be done in Germany, because that’s what they’re known for” Eric points out. In that same vein, Skyroam’s manufacturing is headed by their offices in China, and their marketing is run from San Francisco, where Eric’s based.

Rogier Thissen from Omni Remotes also swung round to give his regards. Rogier is a former partner from the days of our Pronto smart remote project with Philips. In the interview below, Rogier outlines when and why Philips made the choice to approach Colorfy with the task of helping them with the design and engineering of Pronto’s hardware.

As Rogier mentions at the end of the video, his new company Omni Remotes also worked with us on a project we just delivered for Henkel, a leading German consumer goods company. The work entailed the design and engineering of a digital anti-mosquito diffusor, the world’s first IoT insecticide. The product was successfully launched in Korea last year. Now, two and a half years since Henkel first approached us, we’re excited for its European release at the end of this month.

Alexandra Randall works at our Berlin office and can be reached via email here.