The ‘Y’ in Colorfy

2017 was a good year for IoT. AI enthusiasts welcomed intelligent robots into their homes and daily routines and the first driverless cars took tentative tires to asphalt.

It was a pretty busy year for Colorfy too. Our team expanded past the point one floor can handle, and we added a second level to our office. We welcomed Audi to our client list, who we expect to be a world leader in smart mobility in years to come (and for smart mobility to be a key influencer in 2018). We also launched the new Solis WiFi hotspot by Skyroam and Henkel’s connected insect repeller HomeMat HomeControl. We ended our year by clearing away our desks and setting up a TTT3000 in the middle of our office, the details of which we’ll be sure to regale you with in another, later blog post. Letting loose together was the perfect way to end what was an incredibly busy but productive year.


Our Christmas newsletter outlined the forthcoming developments for Colorfy this year. Our main goal in 2018 is to start tackling bigger challenges. Our work doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and we want to join the conscious companies making the modern world more sustainable.

We believe that focusing our skills on certain areas will help us make a positive impact on the world. We recently wrote, as an interdepartmental collaboration, an internal document outlining our company principles, values and culture, and this point was one that was agreed upon unanimously. We’re looking into projects on farming, for example, to come up with IoT solutions to the food crisis. Also, our ongoing interest in smart mobility stems from our goal of making modern day transportation carbon neutral.

If you like, we’ve been focusing on the ‘why’ at Colorfy in recent months. We’ve come to a point where current technology such as it is has the power to change the industry entirely. We are done with cut-throat competition. We want to have the curiosity, motivation and balls to move into and create entirely new sectors. Technologies like AI and blockchain aren’t buzzwords or fads, they’re opportunities to open up and rethink the field entirely, and we want to be part of that journey.

We’re 25 people now, and over the next few months we plan to almost double that number before upheaving once again to completely new offices in the summer. One of the first to be welcomed to the team as part of this expansion is Alexandra, who, among other things, will take over running the blog from now on.

We like to stay reflexive in our daily thoughts and have touched on this issue here before. The reason we decided overhaul the space where we ponder and pontificate goes hand-in-hand with our wish to focus on the ‘why’ at Colorfy. We want to talk about the issues that surround and influence the work we do and offer clarification and opinions as exciting technological developments continue to affect our industry and the world in general. 

We hope you keep looking to us for guidance through the already soaring world of IoT innovation through 2018 and beyond. 

Alexandra Randall works at our offices in Berlin, and can be reached via email here