Meet Colorfy Team: Yana

Yana Romanovich joined our team in September as a Technical Project Manager. She told us about her career path in the field of International Information Systems, her daily work at Colorfy, as well as shared some advice for those who want to pursue a career in IT. Read on!

Yana, Technical Project Manager @ Colorfy

Hi Yana, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi, I’m a Technical Project Manager at Colorfy since September 2016. I was born in Germany, but grew up in Russia, therefore I would say that I took a lot from both cultures and it helps me in a different situations at work and in private life. Recently, I have graduated from Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg with a Master’s degree in International Information Systems, I also have a diploma in Applied Mathematics and Informatics from Baltic Federal State University.

After obtaining my diploma, I gained an extensive experience in web development and project management at a Russian company, specialised in online banking and foreign exchange. During my studies at the Friedrich-Alexander University, I had the greatest opportunity to join Adidas company as an intern in the web- and app-testing department. This training consolidated my previous experience, knowledge and skills, and gave me a strong competitor advantage 😊 .

Why did you decide to study International Information Systems? What has drawn you to this field?

I have always been interested in international relations, but I wanted to pursue a more progressive and modern profession in its formation era, which could inspire me and keep me in a constant learning mode. International IT is exactly what I was looking for. Nowadays, we are experiencing one of the greatest IT revolutions, when technology is evolving and advancing exponentially. In this field something new happens everyday, you just can’t get bored. And of course people in IT live in their own universe, which I find simply beautiful.

How come have you decided to join Colorfy?

Once I saw the products which were previously developed by Colorfy I was very impressed. All of them are stylish, modern and practical. At that time I decided that I definitely want to participate in the creation of such products, and when I met the team, all my last doubts were dispelled.

What do you like the most about working at Colorfy?

We are a team. Everyone has the ability to express their thoughts or opinions, and they will be heard. Moreover, we are a young and dynamic team, so we can easily get along with each other and have fun working on the projects. And of course, projects are very interesting and challenging, they force you to apply all your skills and creativity in order to accomplish a goal. Our clients are well known internationally, therefore I’m happy that I can see how our product reach customers globally.

What are your favourite resources / blogs / publications for Project Managers that inspire you?

I constantly read books related to Project Management, Software development, and Leadership. For keeping myself up-to-date with IT trends I check out such resources as,,,

What are the current goals for your work practice at Colorfy?

Our current goal is to shift from the traditional vertical model to the agile model. As practice shows, this methodology has the highest productivity ratings, allow all team members successfully implement their talents and abilities.

What advice would you give to someone who’d like to start a career in IT?

Start now! 😊  As I said, the field of information technology is growing fast and one needs to learn constantly to keep up to date and benefit from the opportunities offered in it.

Thank you!

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