Meet Colorfy Team: James

James joined our Berlin office in the summer 2016. We asked him about his impressions, and his path to a career as an Industrial Designer.

Hi James! Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I´m 24 years old. I come from Paris and I´m currently studying Industrial Design at Ecoles de Condé Paris.

Why did you decide to study Industrial Design? What do you like about this field?

I decided to study design because initially I wanted to become a car designer, and later on I became interested in designing objects in general. It was logical for me to choose this field because I’ve been a maker since I was a child. At that time, I made my own toys out of wood and other materials. I love this field because you can provide real solutions for people in their daily life, throughout an object.

How did you find out about Colorfy? What made you decide to apply here?

I found Colorfy on a design directory and I was really interested in their work because this studio gives a real reflection of a change that we are living through now — the digital revolution. Colorfy also considers innovative ecological notions in its projects. This is exactly my way of thinking about design nowadays, so I’ve decided to apply to be part of the team. I also wished to carry out my internship in Germany, and especially in Berlin, because I didn’t know this city before. I think this is really important to discover new environments in order to boost creativity.

What projects are you working on? What exactly do you do in your daily work?

At the moment I am working on a smart/electric mobility project. I work on exterior/interior design to define an aesthetic and I think about the use. In my daily work I do a lot of sketches on paper and digital, after that, I use 3D modeling software like Rhinoceros to transform sketches into realistic objects and, for example, think about the proportions. At the end, I use a rendering software to choose and adapt colours and materials. I also do a technological and design watch to stay informed about the innovation in the field.

What are your favourite resources / blogs / publications for industrial designers that inspire you?

I use several resources such as the website or Pinterest to do moodbards. I also read the French design mag Intramuros and check new projects on Kickstarter.

Which areas of Industrial Design interest you the most? What would be the projects you would be most excited to work on in the future?

I’m interested in industrial design in general but at the moment I’m exploring connected objects, sports and smart mobility fields. The most exciting project for me is to work on a new kind of mobility solutions. Pollution and climate change are the biggest problems to solve nowadays, so we have to change our travel modes. I’m really happy because Colorfy give me a chance to work on that.

How do you like your internship so far?

This internship is rewarding for me because I’m at the root of the projects and my ideas are really taken into consideration. I feel not like an intern but as a part of the Colorfy team.

Thank you!

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