Colorfy Reloaded.


Damn. It’s amazing how fast life can veer off course.

By all measures, Colorfy is thriving. We collaborate with over twenty team members, mostly world-class engineers and designers. We reside in a cozy office located in the heart of poor-but-sexy, Berlin. We work for the best and most well-known clients, including Elgato, Henkel, Philips and innovative startups like Avegant, Birdi and Skyroam from San Francisco and the Valley. Most importantly, we enjoy the most fulfilling vocation in the world, which simply is to build cool new stuff.

Still it is time to reinvent ourselves.

When Torsten and I started Colorfy in 2013, we had the ambition to make a real difference— not just to make a living, let alone a fortune. In the beginning, each day we learned about promising new technologies that held so many opportunities to further humanity: New materials. New hardware. New software solutions. We were brimming with knowledge and were eager to share our insights with the world. We evolved from designing our own products to designing new experiences for consumers and disruptive business models for enterprises. Every single project we’ve produced for our clients has been a piece of honest work and crafted beauty, and we are grateful to every Colorfy partner for the opportunities they have offered us.

We believed that we could do a better job if we worked with the whole life cycle of the product, starting with design and production, and continuing all the way up to logistics and recycling. We sat down and wrote down the Colorfy manifesto. Then life happened.

Currently, we run a prosperous business, but it has very little in common with the firm we imagined four years ago. From balancing economic needs to working with an awesome, but small yet growing team, to not always getting the buy-in required from either clients or stakeholders, we have continued to satisfy the demand for less risky, more earth-bound innovations.

Most of us want to do something groundbreaking, leave a mark, make the world a better place, but not everyone gets the opportunity, and if they do, sometimes it can be too damn hard to pull off.

Pursuing bold and ambitious goals that will make a difference tomorrow while keeping the firm up and running today has turned out to be an incredibly challenging task even for us, a relatively small band of geeks. I can’t even imagine how unbearably hard it is for people who manage a corporation that affects the lives of thousands, if not millions: consumers, employees, and investors.  As Panasonic’s founder Konosuke Matsushita put it, “If we cannot make a profit, that means we are committing a sort of crime against society.”

On the other hand, I believe that not thinking about the future and our environment and not pushing yourself harder means committing a crime against yourself.  The older you get, the more you realize that time and energy investments should be made wisely and carefully. Life is short.

So we at Colorfy decided recently that it’s time to turn things around a bit. For our latest project, we are going back to our foundation with a focus on the environment. Specifically we want to focus on significantly reducing the harm that almost every mass-produced items causes to the environment. Because really, what is the point of having dozens of trendy connected gizmos if we are suffocating in a polluted atmosphere at the same time?

While we can’t always force clients to take risks,  we can take the lead. We’ve challenged ourselves to aim higher, work harder, and we’ve hired the right new talent. Instead of convincing other people to pursue our dream, we can do it ourselves. Long story short, we decided to kick off Colorfy reloaded with a pretty ambitious internal project that will be a vivid representation of everything included in our original manifesto.  

Focusing on having a positive impact, with the environment in mind, while relying on our design roots we are thrilled to announce Unee, a special micro car, that will be the smartest AI-powered invention of its kind with a totally new interface. It is designed to make urban spaces more human, cleaner and less stressful. It won’t be just a product, but a platform —and a new model of consumption.

You won’t own an Unee.  Our vision is that Unee will be a modern type of personalized transport. One that meets you at your door and gets you exactly where you need to be.

Inspired by New York City’s Highline, we envision a world of green spaces and parks, and that starts when we build a world around people, not cars.

We can’t wait to share more about Unee and the future of mobility. interested in working on projects that change the world? Check out our job page