December 8, 2015
San Francisco, CA

We are excited to be part of the Broadcom GeekPeek 15 – a networking event with the industry’s most influential media outlets and research analysts.

Colorfy is presenting a ZZEEZZ Prototype. ZZEEZZ is cardboard inspired product and turns every smarphone in a fully immersive VR Experience.

ZZEEZZ allows to experience 360 degree videos, Play VR games with and without controlers
 and Augmented Realities.

It´s designed for great comfort and for everyone. It´s simple: No lens adjustment necessary for different inter pupillary distance, you can even wear your glasses.

Lifestyle design and concept, main components with „mix and match“ color concept Supports phone sizes up to iPhone 6 Plus and all major Smartphones models.  The front consits of an interchangable magnetic visor. The visor comes in different colors. All lenses feature polarization and have a mirror coating for a great look and clear see-through for AR.

The front part and the visor integrate 16 magnets into the carrier liner for eightpoints of connection, each with a pull forceof 3 lb. ZZEEZZ gives you great retention, coupled with magic self-aligning engagement.

Effortlessly mount your smartphone on the magic tape – just press it on and your done. Your smartphone will magically cling to the mounting platform, which synthetically emulates the adhesive qualities of gecko feet. Peeling it off is as simple and leaves no residues.