What we do

We create connected products and services that transform brands
& organizations for the digital economy.

How we work

Small, agile teams working on big ideas in close collaboration with our clients. Experience and result driven from day one.

The Core Team

We’ve formed a compact, close-knit core team of highly effective A players, each with expansive knowledge of his realm, and unparalleled attention to detail.

Partner Network

We add the best experts from our large pool of excellent partners.

Clients as Partners

Clients join the team to help us truly understand their business and moderate goals.
Putting users experience first and our moderation transforms client organizations and our collaboration.

Together successful

Small, Interdisciplinary teams that are managed by colorf´s core team.
Design & prototyping deliver tangible results right from the start.

Colorfy Process

We are here to make things happen — whether they are products, services, or experiences. We do this by building interdisciplinary teams of industrial designers, engineers, interaction and visual designers, strategists, and talents from a variety of fields.

Learn, understand & innovate!

Exploration and experimenting is fundamental to the process of invention that fuels our process.

Create and iterate!

Colorfy's approach combines the application of new technologies and unique functions. We are proud to be makers – the software, the hardware and how they integrate into a seamless experience - we love the simple joy of crafting and building stuff through iterations, and ultimately the experiences we create through that process.


We have an unparalleled passion for the act of making and because passion is best expressed as a manifestation.


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